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Modern design TV Install
Modern design TV Install Samsung TV with 3.1 soundbar and Control4 - Providence Country Club
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Make your Bonus Room an all Purpose Room ! - Mooresville, NC
New Construction
New Construction Pre-wire of a Home - Lake Norman
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Screens from 80 inches - 160 inches - Cornelius, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Hidden speakers for a clean look - North Carolina
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Hidden Screen allows you to see your Room - Mooresville, NC
Music Wiring
Music Wiring Installing Control4 Audio - Cornelius, NC
AppleTV Home Theatre with AppleTV - Fort Mill, SC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Custom cabinetry, hidden speakers, JVC Projector, Control4 - Mooresville, NC
Man Cave
Man Cave Sonos Surround System in his Office / Man Cave....watching a Samsung 75" LED TV - South Blvd, Charlotte
Equipment Rack
Equipment Rack All A/V gear neatly installed in Rack - Mooresville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre 7.1 Surround Sound with Universal Remote as controller - Mooresville, NC
Samsung TV
Samsung TV Samsung OLED on fireplace; hidden wiring - Mooresville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Drop-down screen with in-wall speakers, JVC Projector, Integra audio - Mooresville, NC
Outside Lighting
Outside Lighting Outdoor Control4 lighting we did for a Customer - Boston, MA
Recent remodel of cabinetry
Recent remodel of cabinetry Removed an old 60" Pioneer from 2002 ! Floating a new Samsung 82" led tv - The Pointe
Hidden TV
Hidden TV Behind this custom artwork is a Samsung LED TV; and can disappear when not watching - Statesville, NC
Home Office
Home Office Installed a Samsung 65" for Home Office - Lake Norman
Outdoor Music & TV
Outdoor Music & TV Enjoying Lake Norman to their fullest with Outdoor Audio and Video - Cornelius, NC
Outdoor Pool Music
Outdoor Pool Music Pool Music controlled by their iPhone - Charlotte, NC
Outdoor Music
Outdoor Music Dock Music controlled from their iPhone - Badin Lake, NC
Vehicle Install
Vehicle Install We install music and TV on Rec. Vehicles - Waxhaw, NC
Shade Control
Shade Control We installed Shades and Drapes using Lutron and Control4 - Mooresville, NC
Outdoor TV
Outdoor TV Installed a 65" Samsung in a fireplace that raises and lowers - Davidson, NC
New Construction
New Construction Full pre-wire of TV, Data, Security, Camera's, and Music - Waxhaw, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Curtains close to give an authentic feel of a Movie Screen from the 30's. - Mooresville, NC
Outdoor Music
Outdoor Music Hidden Rock Speakers - Cornelius, NC
Outdoor Wi-Fi
Outdoor Wi-Fi Got wi-fi down to the Dock so the Customer can "surf" - Mooresville, NC
Curved LED TV
Curved LED TV Installed this Samsung 65" curvedTV; replacing an old 42" - Mooresville, NC
Camera's for Home
Camera's for Home We provide Security for your Home - Anonymous, NC
TV Installs
TV Installs Installing large TV's - Charlotte, NC
Samsung 75 LED TV
Samsung 75 LED TV New home with us adding a 75" TV and a Sonos soundbar - Mooresville, NC
Surge Protection
Surge Protection On TOP of a mountain and using Surge Protection - Taylorsville, NC
Samsung 82" LED TV
Samsung 82" LED TV Large TV floating on cabinetry; remodel of home we did in 2002 - The Pointe
Home Theatre
Home Theatre We help design Faux walls and star ceilings. - Mooresville, NC
Remodel to modern look
Remodel to modern look Designed this look with Customer to include a all-in-one Remote Control, 5.1 Surround, and Sonos music - Cornelius, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre We create themed Theatres for those "big day events" - Badin Lake, NC
Samsung TV's
Samsung TV's We sell and install all of your favorite TV's with free delivery - Mountain Air, NC
Home Audio
Home Audio Control4 Audio and automation; check out the wiring job - Denver, NC
Kitchen TV
Kitchen TV Mounted this TV in custom cabinetry - Cornelius, NC
Home Audio
Home Audio Wiring an equipment rack for Audio - Cornelius, NC
Rack Wiring
Rack Wiring Clean rack wiring for Home Audio - Denver, NC
Outdoor TV
Outdoor TV TV on swivel mount on stone fireplace - Mooresville, NC
Cabanna Music
Cabanna Music Control4 with outdoor music and TV - Cornelius, NC
Outdoor Wifi
Outdoor Wifi Experience Music and Internet outside - Mooresville, NC
Cainet TV
Cainet TV Install new TV in cabinetry - Mooresville, NC
75" TV
75" TV Whole House Music with 75" TV and Control4 - Davidson, NC
Home Seating
Home Seating We install all styles of seating - Huntersville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Hidden speakers in this 92" Home Theatre - Mooresville, NC
Cabanna TV
Cabanna TV Artwork covers this TV when not in use - Gastonia, NC
Samsung 75" OLED
Samsung 75" OLED A new Samsung 75" TV for his Office while he works - Charlotte, NC
Cool TV install
Cool TV install Used LED lighting to change this TV into a whole new look - Waxhaw NC
Retro-Wiring Let us get wiring to your TV that is difficult - Davidson, NC
Outdoor Pool Music
Outdoor Pool Music Outdoor music when relaxing by the ocean - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Hidden TV
Hidden TV Hiding a Samsung 75" TV on cabanna - Gastonia, NC
Dock Music
Dock Music Listen to music and enjoy the sun - Mooresville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Enjoy this Theatre with a drop-down screen - Mooresville, NC
Home This relaxing room has cork wall-paper, JVC Projector and Control4 automation
Sonos Soundbar
Sonos Soundbar Outside TV never sounded better - Cornelius, NC
Movie Management
Movie Management Sort all of your Movies with the Kaleidescape System - Ocean Blvd, SC
Kitchen TV
Kitchen TV TV's in all rooms....but you HAVE to have it in the Kitchen ! - Shrewsbury, MA
Outdoor Pool Music
Outdoor Pool Music Preparing this golf community home for Pool Music - Charlotte, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre The beauty of a screen built into the cabinetry- Mooresville, NC
Whole Home Lighting
Whole Home Lighting Installed a Lutron whole home lighting system along with all their Security and Music. Rock Hill, SC
Large TV Install
Large TV Install Hung this 75" Samsung TV in the Living Room of this beautiful Home. Charlotte, NC
Movie System
Movie System We installed this Kaleidescape Movie System that can be viewed on any TV in the Home. Hundreds of their own movies at their fingertips. Mooresville, NC
Electronics All the Customers electronics neatly stored in the cabinets - Ocean Blvd, SC
TV Install
TV Install Customer asked to fit a TV on this wall....the result - Salisbury, NC
New TV nstall
New TV nstall Fireplace mantle - Waxhaw, NC
Pool Music
Pool Music Customer is now able to enjoy music outside from his iPhone - Mooresville, NC
Hidden Speakers
Hidden Speakers TV and speakers in built-in - Charlotte, NC
5.1 Surround Sound
5.1 Surround Sound Installed Sonance 5.1 Surround System with TV - Mooresville, NC
Arriv We always have marked vehicles so you know we mean business ! - Mooresville, NC
Install Team
Install Team Your neighbors know you picked the right people for the job !
Control4 Lighting
Control4 Lighting Back-lit light switches for ease of use - Statesville, NC
JVC Projector
JVC Projector Home Theatre with 7.1 Surround and Control4 - Charlotte, NC
Pre-wire of Home
Pre-wire of Home Preparing this Home for Lighting, Security, Music, Surround Sound, Camera's, and more - Cornelius, NC
Living Room
Living Room Original 63" Samsung TV; first of it's kind - Cornelius, NC
Control4 Touch Screen
Control4 Touch Screen On-wall Touch Screen with Control4 Lighting - Mooresville, NC
Remote Controls
Remote Controls Our Remote Controls have come a long way. From the Basic Phillips Pronto all the way up to the advanced Control4. Mooresville, NC
Pre-wire You can see how much wiring goes into our Custom Homes. Music, Cameras,Phone,Data, Video, Security, and more. Cornelius, NC
Shades Installed Lutron Shades for this high rise. Touch of a button reduces heat and glare. Charlotte, NC
Rack Wiring
Rack Wiring Clean and neat. Whole house audio equipment. Cornelius, NC
Commercial Projection
Commercial Projection This Commercial Plant welcomes Clients from all over world. We provided projectors and screens with automatic controls. Kings Mountain, NC
Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet We provided this Customer strong Wi-i to his Dock so he could operate his Audio System. Look at the distance !
TV Life
TV Life We provided all the TV and Music in this beautiful Home. Mooresville, NC
Surround System
Surround System Installed a Samsung 75" QLED tv with Artison Surround Speakers. TV cabinetry designed by us, tv pulls out and is able to be turned. Denver NC
Whole Home Integration
Whole Home Integration We provided all the Audio,Video, Security, Cameras, and Lighting control in this beautiful Estate Home. Denver, NC
Pre-Wire Provided all the necessary wiring for this new Home. Denver, NC
Camera Surveillance
Camera Surveillance Homeowner can now view their kids in the Pool from their televisions and Phones. Charlotte, NC
Outdoor Music
Outdoor Music Provided outdoor Music near and around this gorgeous pool. Denver, NC
Commercial Building
Commercial Building Full Lighting, Cameras, and Motion control for the entire building. Huntersville, NC
Man Cave
Man Cave 5.1 Sonos Surround and a 75" QLED Samsung TV - Charlotte, NC
Lake Living
Lake Living Provided all Security, Automation Control, and Cameras in this beautiful Lake ome. Mooresville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Beginning stages of a Home Theatre. We handled start to finish. Mooresville, NC
Home Theatre
Home Theatre JVC Projector, TruAudio Speakers Marantz 7.2 and provided all seating and design. Mooresville, NC
High Rise Charlotte
High Rise Charlotte On wall speakers with Control4 - Charlotte, NC
75" TV on fireplace
75" TV on fireplace Installed this 75" TV on an arm and side speakers; Control4 - Denver, NC

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